Pray For Isreal
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Here are some things that can help you pray for Isreal, some of these may seem impossible, but rememebr to whom you are asking help.


  • Pray for supernatural wisdom to guide authorities in what to do
  • Pray for protection from political and physical attacks
  • Pray that authorities may have honor nad love for enemies
  • pray that authorities may have unity with others in leadership

  • Pray that Isreal may have protection from thise trying to destroy their country
  • Pray that violence from terrorists eithin their borders will end
  • Pray that instead of fear, love shall take it's place

Political Ties
  • pray that isreal may have wisdom to know who to trust
  • pray that isreal may have favor from those that are able to give them aid
  • pray that they should have strong ties with the US

  • Impact
    • Pray for God to bless Isreal in such a degree that other nations may be blessed- this was promised to Abraham
    • Pray that Isreal will choose to value others in love, even those who hate them.

    • Move of God, pray that isreal may have all these qualities
      • A generation of those who walk in faith, courage, and an authentic relationship with God.
      • A generation of those who stand against others' opinions to hold on to God for what is right
      • A generation of those who pursue the heart of God above all else
      • A generation of those who have the wisdom to influence the world